Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 1, June 2022 
Molecular Characters of Potato Explants as Affected by Silicon Nanoparticles under Drought Stress

Pages 11-32

Ihab El-tahan; Enas Safaa Azab; Eman Abdelrazik; Mohamed Elhamahmy

Thermal Imagingas a New Approach for Determining Bio-Thermogenesis of Cercospora beticola in Vitro

Pages 33-36

Ahmed Ameen Abdullah; Mohamed O. Arnous ; Tarek Bayoumi; Heba M. Abd El. Nabi

Studying the Effect of Mutations on some genotypes of Peanut

Pages 71-83

Samah A. Sabry, Eman T. Abdou and Amal M. Abd-El Mageed

ISMAILIA2: A Newly Released High Yielding Peanut Cultivar for New Reclaimed Land

Pages 95-100

Attia S. M., Salwa I. R. El-Mohandes, ........, M. A. Abd El-Satar